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Who We Are?
SHABOUR SONS IMPORT & EXPORT was shabour trading & sister company of shabour express baling press company leading name of exporting a rich range of Sudanese agricultural products , Senna pods , senna leaves, Raw cotton , cotton waste etc and storing ,custom clearance services.

We are active in the marketplace since 1982. And since then, the Shabour trading and Shabour express baling press Private Limited Company are strived hard to provide the best service and export Sudanese product across the world. We have been exporting varieties of cotton waste and raw cotton to Swissair and Italy , India ,  Eritrea  and Senna Pods to Japan. Over the years, we have received tremendous appreciation and built a reputation as a trustworthy trader and exporter of cotton Senna Pods in both domestic and global markets.

We are backed by experience in exporting, long excellent reputation & excellent relation. We are not involved in cultivation of plants but we are very close to the farmers in all around Sudan . In addition to this, we are giving our services of baling & custom clearance to our good clients in Sudan .

We do all cleaning and balling in our own 5000 SQM balling factory in Port Sudan under our supervision and excel all expectations of our clients by maintaining highest quality standards. We understand the significance of quality therefore, we have buying agents have knowledge and honest. We have also established ourselves as an environment friendly company.

All international export standards are being adopted by us from cleaning till stuffing in the container in the port and documentation. By emphasizing on the concepts of quality assurance, long lasting customer relationships and trust. We have become the preferred choice among the clients all over the world.

Our Vision & Mission

“As extend to our trade name SHABOUR we insure the maintenance of the highest standards of products and services to be delivered as a mean of building sustainable relationship with our customers.”

History Time Line
Yousif Mahmoud Shabour started his work in Sudan Jazira Pord as a cotton examiner conducting his training at Alexandria high cotton institute.
An idea was inspired by a Swiss trader to Mr.Yousif Shabour as prepare cotton waste for export purpose.
Establishment of Shabour Express Baling Press in Port-Sudan ( East Sudan ) with ownership of 40% of shares owned by Mr.Yousif Shabour and 60% shares by Mr. Hashim & other partners.
As extend to business operations Mr. Yousif Shabour established Shabour Trading for local trading and international export.
Mr. Yousif Shabour has been appointed at SGS the Swiss giant of service industry as the company's counselor in Port-Sudan.
Establishment of Nilecot.co ltd in the Sudanese capital ‘Khartoum' with 50% partnership between Mr.Yousif Shabour and Mr. Osman Kwarti.
Mr. Osman Kwarti stepped down by selling off his 50% shares to Mr. Salah Khaier as a new partner for Nile Cot. Co .ltd that still run its operations.
Mr. Shabour & his sons took over Shabour Express Baling Press by purchasing 100% of the company's shares.
Mr.Yousif Shabour handed over his management of ‘Shabour Baling Press & Shabour Trading' to his sons Mr. Mhamoud Yousif & Mr.Salim Yousif
Establishment of ‘Shabour Sons for Import and Export' by Mr. Mhamoud Yousif & Mr.Salim Yousif as a sister company of ‘Shabour Express Baling Press' in an opportunity to expand business operations internationally and to create newer production strategies.
  Salim Shabour establish Shabour Sons Forwarding to serve the shabour Export and other clients
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